Case Studies

Case Study 1


Dog:  Bassett Hound

Name:  Star

Owner:  Sally Tuffs

Symptoms: Bilateral hindlimb ataxia, slipped disc at L2-L3 (veterinary diagnosis) Rimadyl tablets and 1 month cage rest prescribed.

Difference after Treatment: "Star improved straight away and steadily made progress.  She has life back again. She is fit again and out all day playing with her daughter and grand daughter. Absolutely incredible - she is so happy."

Case Study 2

Horse:  Josh

Discipline:  All Rounder

Owner:  Sue Hardman

Symptoms:  Headshy, compensation to off hind spavin, rider falling right.

Difference after Treatment:  Flexible in his neck, able to carry himself.  Stopped drifting to the right, much straighter, less headshy.

Case Study 3


Horse:  Jack

Discipline:  Hunting

Owner:  Jacky Naylor

Symptoms:  Compensatory back pain, overweight, hock issues causing tension in hind quarters particularly off hind gluteal and rotation of pelvis and lower back pain.  Behavioural due to discomfort.  Reluctance to move forward, difficult to engage.

Difference after Treatment:  "Even muscle development, much more forward going and happier in himself.  Increased weight gain.  Went from unable to canter a 20m circle before treatment to a full days hunting and jumping 4'2" fences, etc.  Much more balanced."

Case Study 4


Dog:  Toffee (Tibetan Spanial)

Discipline:  Showing/Pet

Owner:  Miss Graham

Symptoms:  "Lame in off fore for several weeks, which I believed to be caused by a shoulder problem.  She could only be walked for a very short period of time and immediately before bringing her for treatment she was so lame I could not exercise her at all."

Difference after Treatment:  "Completely cured!  I couldn't believe the difference from her being so lame one day to being a sound dog without any hint of lameness."

Case Study 5

Horse:  Annie

Discipline:  Showing

Owner:  Julie Clare

Symptoms:  "Lacked condition, no topline, and very odd 'shape wise'.  Couldn't engage hind quarters, and I couldn't keep Annie in canter."

Difference after Treatment:  "Condition fantastic, lots better shape wise.  Her way of going is superb, very free moving and all the judges seem to lover.  She is unbeaten this year."

Case Study 6


x ray 1x ray 2

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Dog:  Rio (Border Terrier Cross)

Discipline:  Pet (Rescue)

Owner:  Jane Tooms

Symptoms:  "Thrown from a moving car and abandoned.  Caused severe damage to the ball and socket joint of the pelvis and right hind leg.  On X-ray the femoral head (ball) has reattached above the acetabulum (socket) causing restricted movement and reduced movement of the right hind leg.  Rio would often run three legged and it caused further compensation in his lower back."

Difference after Treatment:  "Gradually over a couple of months Rio began to move more freely.  His muscles in his shoulders were a lot more supple.  Previous to the treatment he had carried his bad leg, now he uses it all the time.  I realise he will never be perfect, after such a horrific accident, but I can't believe how much he has improved after just two treatment."